Get involved

There are several way to get involved in CLIVAR

Become a panel member

Around September every year, CLIVAR issues a call for new panel members to fill openings created as existing members rotate off. You may nominate yourself or others. Look for the announcement in our monthly e-bulletin or by visiting the website. Members typically serve for three years and are expected to attend panel meetings (usually every 18 months). Panels also conduct business inter-session by e-mail and teleconferences. Please visit the CLIVAR panel webpages to review their terms of reference and current membership.

Make sure you hear all the latest CLIVAR news

Early Career Scientists

If you are an Early Career Scientist you can:

CLIVAR activities

  • ​Check our activities calendar, and contact the ICPO staff responsible for the meeting if you have any interest in attending any of them

Contact us

If you have any questions on how you might get involved or wish to provide comments on our projects, products and meetings, get in touch with the ICPO

Jing Li