7th Session of the Global Synthesis and Observations Panel

Monday, July 14, 2014 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Event City: 
The Hague
The Netherlands
Event Contact: 
Nico Caltabiano
Event Description: 

CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations Panel meeting

July 14-15, 2014

 The Hague, Netherlands


Agenda and Presentations
July 14 (Monday)

Joint GSOP-OMDP Session

8:30hr - Welcome new members (Masa Kamachi), member introductions, and overview of agenda (adjust if necessary) (Tony Lee)

8:45hr - Overview of activities since the last GSOP meeting (Keith Haines)

9:00hr - Review of ongoing effort of ocean reanalysis intercomparison ORA-IP (Magdalena Balmaseda, Matt Palmer, Keith Haines)

10:00hr – Near realtime ocean /climate monitoring using ensemble operational ocean analysis products (Yan Xue)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr – Coordination of forward model – ocean reanalysis intercomaprison

A preliminary Intercomparison for AMOC and MLD (Gokhan Danabasoglu)
How to move forward with forward model-ocean reanalysis Intercomparison? (All)

12:00hr - Discussion/recap of topics in the morning

12:30hr – Lunch

Joint PP-GSOP session

13:30hr - CLIVAR ENSO Research Focus (Eric Guilyardi)

14:00hr – The Universality of Combination Modes (Axel Timmermann)

14.30hr – ENSO and GW:  coordinated experiment for CMIP6 on ENSO teleconnections (Mat Collins)

15.00hr – Coffee Break

15:30hr - TPOS (Billy, Ken, Tony Lee, Magdalena Balmaseda, Masa Kamachi)

16:00hr - Current status of the Pacific and ENSO forecasts; Rapid international response strategies to climate events (Mike McPhaden, Axel Timmermann)

16:30hr - Intercomparison and observing system assessment and design for the Pacific sector (Keith Haines, Magdalena Balmaseda, Tony Lee)

17:00hr - The role of the Pacific in the hiatus: open discussion (Wenju Cai, Matt Collins, Magdalena Balmaseda)

17.30hr – End of day


July 15 (Tuesday)

8:30hr - CLIVAR Planetary Heat Budget and Ocean Heat Content Task Team and ESA funded International Research Institute working group on the subject (Karina von Schuckmann and Pierre-Philippe Mathieu)

9:00hr - Update on surface fluxes activities (including issues related to TPOS) (Sergey Gulev)

9:30hr – GSOP coordination of international effort on QC of global subsurface ocean data (IQuOD project) (Catia Domingues, Matt Palmer)

10:00hr – Updates on the interaction with OOPC/GCOS defining requirements for Ocean Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) (Tony Lee, Catia Domingues, others?)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr – Observing system updates: satellites (recent and upcoming missions for various ocean parameters)

  • NASA (Tony Lee)
  • ESA (Pierre-Philippe Mathieu)

11:30hr – Observing system updates: in-situ

12:30hr – Lunch

13:30hr - Ocean Climate Indicators Task Team (Tony Lee)

13:45hr – Discussion of future GSOP activities/priorities

Future priorities: e.g., TPOS2020, deep ocean observations, ocean climate indicators & near realtime monitoring, coupled synthesis.
GSOP participations in future meetings.

14:45hr – Action items and membership

15.00hr – Coffee Break (End of meeting)