The 3rd Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environment Sciences (XMAS-III)

Monday, January 9, 2017 to Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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Download the flyer of the first announcement here.
The ocean system is undergoing rapid and dramatic changes in response to global climatic and regional anthropogenic forcings. These drivers, including primarily temperature rise, intensified stratification, ocean acidification, eutrophication, and ocean deoxygenation, may, or already has, lead to fundamental changes in marine biogeochemistry, such as the carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron cycles, productivity and community shifts of marine microbes, and further impacts to fishery resources. These changes are affecting a broad range of goods and services provided to humans by marine ecosystems and are causing a number of marine environmental problems, particularly in coastal regions.
To foster knowledge and ideas exchange within the marine environmental science community and, in particular, to promote interdisciplinary studies, the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (MEL, of Xiamen University initiated the Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences (XMAS), with the overarching theme of The Changing Ocean Environment: From a Multidisciplinary Perspective. The first two symposia (, were held in Jan 2014 and Jan 2015, attracting over 800 participants from more than 100 institutions across 14 countries.
MEL is now pleased to announce that the third iteration, XMAS-III, will be held in Xiamen from January 9th to 11th, 2017. The symposium will consist of different, interconnected sessions covering physical oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, biological oceanography, and marine ecotoxicology along with workshops for emerging topics in marine environmental sciences.
We also invite youth scholars to apply for the 2017 XMU Youth Scholar Forum on Marine Environmental Science, which will be held on January 8th. Applicants will explore the frontiers of research in marine environmental science, learn the current status of XMU’s scientific research and understand the XMU’s policy for supporting youth scholars.
Founded in 2005 under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST), MEL is dedicated to interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in marine environmental sciences, with particular strengths in marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem studies. MEL was honored again in 2015 as The Excellent State Key Laboratory (a successive highest ranking since 2010) during a nation-wide review of state key laboratories sponsored by MOST.
Originally known as Amoy, Xiamen ( is located on the southeast coast of China and has a long history of international commerce and ocean science education and research. Xiamen enjoys a pleasant climate and beautiful natural environment. The city claims to be a city in the sea and is renowned for its various scenic spots and cultural relics. The weather is mild and pleasant throughout the year owing to the subtropical monsoon climate. January temperatures average around 15°C (59°F). Xiamen, with its distinct oriental culture and southern Fujian features, welcomes you from all over the world. For more information of Xiamen, please visit the meeting website.