2023 CLIVAR workshop on the tropical Pacific and its interbasin interactions

Tuesday, February 14, 2023 to Friday, February 17, 2023
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By invitaiton only
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Jing Li
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The 2023 CLIVAR workshop on the tropical Pacific and its interbasin interactions is a joint workshop organized by CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel, Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability (TPDV) Working Group, ENSO conceptual model Working Group and the CLIVAR Tropical Basin Interaction research focus. We hopd that the workshop will be intellectually stimulating and afford excellent opportunities to spend time with colleagues and make new connections.

This will be the first face-to-face meeting for the Pacific Region Panel (PRP) since the pandemic began, and the first face-to-face meeting ever for the other groups.

Chief amongst our goals for this workshop is to provide opportunities to connect within and across the three research groups that are represented at this meeting, share our latest research with each other, identify synergies for current and future collaborations and simply take a few days out of our normal routines to focus almost entirely on science, collegiality and friendship.


Monday 13th February – CLIVAR PRP meeting only
Tuesday 14th – Friday 17th February – Joint meeting with all participants


Mathematics & EAE Building [9 Rainforest Walk], Monash University, Clayton, Victoria

Map of Monash University relative to Melbourne City and the airport. 
[Clayton is around 25km from Melbourne City]

Monash University Campus Ma


Workshop Arrangement

Outside of the CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel (PRP), whose meeting will be held on Monday the 13th February, 2023, three main groups will be participating in the remainder of the Joint Workshop. They are the CLIVAR Tropical Basin Interaction Research Focus, and the CLIVAR PRP working groups on ENSO conceptual models and Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability (TPDV).

The joint meetings first day (Tuesday the 14th of February) will be filled with plenary talks. This session will include an anchor talk for each of the participating groups that provides an introduction to the groups aims and progress, and will be followed by shorter talks that relate to each of the themes. We are also anticipating a portion of this day that may allow for the presentation of talks on a common theme, like the potential impacts of climate change.

The workshop program on Wednesday (15th of February) through to Friday (17th of February) is designed to allow for sufficient time for each of the individual groups to carry out their needs, while also providing a venue and time to explore overlaps. To this end, each of these three days will have a focus on one particular group [i.e., Wednesday will have a TPDV focus, Thursday will have a TBI focus while Friday will have an ENSO conceptual model working group focus]. In practise, what this means is that the group that is the focus of the day will have full attendance of all member attendees for the first three sessions of the day. Attending participants not in the focus working group will spend the first half of the day in parallel sessions with their respective non-focus groups. After lunch, the two non-focus groups will sit together to discuss overlaps and potential pathways forward. The last session of the day will include at least two pre-selected talks (one for each of the non-focus groups) that fits to the theme of session, followed by open discussions to further explore potential overlaps and pathways forward, including research.

The schedule for the workshop is snapshot as below, and you can also download it here

Organizing Committee

Shayne McGregor – Monash (local) - shayne.mcgregor@monash.edu
Dietmar Dommenget – Monash (local) - dietmar.dommenget@monash.edu
Andrea Taschetto – UNSW (semi local) - a.taschetto@unsw.edu.au
Antonietta Capotondi – NOAA/CIRES - antonietta.capotondi@noaa.gov
Jerome Vialard – IRD - jerome.vialard@ird.fr
Ingo Richter – JAMSTEC - richter@jamstec.go.jp
Yuko Okumura – University of Texas - yukoo@ig.utexas.edu
Jose Santos - International CLIVAR Project Office (ICPO) - jose.santos@clivar.org
Jing Li - International CLIVAR Project Office (ICPO) - jing.li@clivar.org

For more information on the accommodations, transport, food options, social activities and etc., please refer to the Workshop Handbook.