1st Meeting of CLIVAR ENSO RF

Sunday, September 18, 2016
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Lei Han
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The 1st Session of CLIVAR ENSO RF will be held alongside with the CLIVAR Open Science Conference at the weekend before.

For more information on schedule, venue, and other local logistics of the CLIVAR panel meetings alongside with OSC, please check here


ENSO RF Meeting Agenda

Time: Sunday 25th 14-18h

1) ENSO RF status
2) Main topics
- review progress on the ENSO and tropical Pacific metrics definition and implementation and discuss community governance
- review TPOS first report draft and discuss what is needed from a modelling perspective
- discuss potential ENSOMIPs
- review any update on ENSO & climate change
- lessons/actions for the community following the 2016 El Nino
3) Other topics:
- start planning the next ENSO meeting.
- summaries of recent ENSO-relevant meetings
- advertise fall AGU session (A048, 12-16 Dec) -- 83 abstracts, 6 sessions
4) Next steps

Note: The CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel has scheduled a session on "Extreme El Nino and the 2014/2015 El Nino Sequence" on its panel meeting on Sunday during 10:30-12:00 in the morning. The Pacific Panel invites all the ENSO RF members to attend the session.