13th Session of the Atlantic Panel

Monday, July 14, 2014 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Event City: 
The Hague
The Netherlands
Event Contact: 
Nico Caltabiano
Event Description: 

13th Atlantic Panel meeting

July 14-15, 2014

 The Hague, Netherlands


Agenda and Presentations


Day 1 – Monday 14th July 2014

9:00hr – Welcome, Introduction, and charge to meetings (Brandt and Chang)


Theme 1: Atlantic Observing System

AMOC Observing System

09:30hr – OSNAP (Kanzow)

10:00hr – RAPID-WATCH (Baringer)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr – SAMOC (Baringer)

11:30hr – Discussion

12:00hr – Lunch


Subtropical/tropical Observing System

13:00hr – PIRATA and the tropical Atlantic observing system (Brandt)

13:30hr – SPURS and air-sea fluxes (Farrar)

14:00hr – South African initiatives and capacity building (Rouault)

14:30hr – Discussion

15.00hr – Coffee Break (end of day)


Day 2 – Tuesday 15th July 2014

09:00hr – Eastern tropical Atlantic studies including PREFACE (Brandt)

Theme 2: Atlantic Modeling System (Joint with WGOMD)


Tropical Problems

09:30hr – Tropical Atlantic Bias and ETOS (Zuidema (invited))

10:00hr – Tropical Cyclone Effect on Ocean Circulations (Griffies (invited))

10:30hr – Coffee Break


Mid-and High-Latitude Problems
11:00hr – US-AMOC (Danabasoglu (invited))

11:30hr – Collaboration and Interaction with WGOMD (Treguier)

12:00hr – Lunch

13:00hr – CLIMODE related model-data comparison (Kwon)

13:30hr – Modeling Storm Tracks (Robinson)

14:00hr – High-resolution modelling of Frontal Air-Sea Interactions (Chang)


Theme 3: Panel Strategy

14:30hr – AIP relevant CLIVAR research foci (to be discussed)

Dynamics and prediction of regional sea level variability
Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Current variability and impact on storms (particularly winter extratropical storms)
Climate impact of an ice-free Arctic
Atlantic tropical storms in a future climate
ENSO impact on Atlantic

15:00hr – Coffee Break

15:30hr – Membership and Expertise Gaps

Tropical storms

16:00hr – International Collaborations & Collaborations with Other Panels

Capacity building/development
Impact of tropical cyclones on ocean – 2nd phase of hurricane working group
Oxygen minimum zone research initiative
Others ?

16:30hr – Summary and Concluding Remarks

17.00hr – End of meeting