11th Session of the CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Panel

Monday, July 14, 2014 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Event City: 
The Hague
The Netherlands
Event Contact: 
Nico Caltabiano
Event Description: 

CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Panel

July 14-15, 2014

 The Hague, Netherlands


Agenda and Presentations


Day 1 – Monday 14th July 2014

Joint PP-IOP session


8:30hr – Welcome, Introduction, and charge to meetings

9:00hr – ENSO-IOD relations in CMIP 5 (Jérôme Vialard)

9:30hr – Climate model assessment (Wenju Cai)

10:00hr – Indo-Pacific decadal climate variability (Weiqing Han)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr – ITF Task Team activities (Janet Sprintall)

11:30hr – Year of Maritime Continent (YMC) (Kunio Yoneyama)

12:00hr – Discussion on joint activities

12:30hr – Lunch

13:30hr – RAMA array progress and status:

14:10hr - Argo array, Drifting buoys and Tide gauges (M. Ravichandran)

14:40hr - XBT (Ming Feng)

15.00hr – Coffee Break

Short talks by new members, with emphasis on their prospective for IO research during the next 5 years:

15.30hr - Lisa Beal

16.00hr - Lin Liu

16.30hr - Helen Philips

17.00hr - Tomoki Tozuka

17.30hr – End of day


Day 2 – Tuesday 15th July 2014


08:30hr – Updates on regional observing systems and process studies

09:00hr - Update on IIOE-2 (M. McPhaden, on behalf of Raleigh Hood)

09:20hr - Concept and implementation of IOP-SIBER Summer School (J. Vialard)

09:30hr - Discussions about IOP inputs to IRF-2, including issues of IndOOS implementation

10:00hr – Links to other Panels (e.g. Monsoon panel, climate dynamics panel, GSOP, OMDP), including coordinated modeling experiments or analysis of existing experiments for the Indian Ocean (strengthen the modeling implication of the IOP)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr – CLIVAR Research Foci: introduction and discussion on how IOP can contribute during the next 5 years and preparation of IOP participation to breakout sessions (Jerome Vialard, M. Ravichandran)

12:30hr – Lunch

13:30hr – Review IOP terms of reference and plans for the next 5 years from the report to SSG

14:45hr – Action items and wrap-up discussion

15.00hr – Coffee Break (End of meeting)