1st Meeting of the DCVP Research Focus

Friday, November 20, 2015 to Saturday, November 21, 2015
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By invitation
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Anna Pirani
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Yochanan Kushnir, Christophe Cassou, Scott Power, Francisco Doblas Reyes, Ed Hawkins, Patrick Heimbach, Amy Solomon, Alicia Karspeck, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Tianjun Zhou, Karina von Schuckmann, Masahide Kimoto, Rym Msadek, Davide Zanchettin, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Anna Pirani

Invited Guests: Hali Kilbourne, Gavin Schmidt, Alessandra Giannini, Sloan Coats, Marie-France Loutre, In-Sik Kang, Mike Sparrow, Matthias Tuma, Jim Todd, Noel Keenlyside, Doug Smith, Annarita Mariotti, Adrian Tomkins, Ed Cook, Paul Kushner

Draft Agenda

Friday 20th November (after lunch)

Meeting Introduction – Yochanan: Review agenda, meeting objectives,

DCVP Science and Implementation Plan

  1. Document structure – open discussion
  2. DCVP 'Obstacle to Progress' section (broad discussion, incorporating conference outcomes and lead by suggested RF members):
    1. Atmospheric processes and atmospheric modeling - Scott, Ed, Davide
    2. Ocean process and modeling – Gokhan, Masa,
    3. Polar oceans, cryosphere – Amy, Patrick
    4. Monsoons and other land processes – Tianjun, Alessandra
    5. Observations (instrumental, paleo), monitoring, radiative constraints – Karina, Alicia
    6. Predictability and prediction – Paco, Rym, Christophe

[Item 2 discussions could continue into Saturday]

Saturday 21st November


  1. Implementation: how to make rapid progress:

- Do present RF address the “obstacles to progress”? 

- Programmatic environment:

  • CLIVAR: cross-CLIVAR linkages and implementation
  • WCRP: Relationship to & interaction with (1) the planned GC on Near Term Prediction; (2) Relevant CMIP 6 MIPS; (3) Partner Projects eg CliC, SPARC, GEWEX, PAGES

- Other implementation activities: WG interactions; Workshops and conferences?

  1. Meeting Wrap Up

- Finalizing the DCVP RF Science Plan: writing assignments

- Preparation of workshop report/publication and a CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue





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