2022 CLIVAR-FIO Summer School Programme

CLIVAR-FIO Summer School on Ocean Macroturbulence and Its Role in Earth’s Climate

14-20 August 2022, Qingdao China & Online (Time zone: GMT+8)

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Date/Theme Time (GMT+8) Topic Speakers/Facilitator Training material
Day 1 (Monday,  15 August)
Overview/Dynamics (Archived recording: 09:00 - 12:30 GMT+8 password: xF=h.8%V 14:00 - 17:30 GMT+8)
9:00-10:00 Opening ceremony (Chair by: Dr. Li Li, FIO) MNR, FIO, CLIVAR/WCRP  
09:00 Introducing the leaders and participants Li Li  
09:05 Opening remark from Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), China Shengzhi Sun   
09:10 Opening Remark from the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Mike Sparrow 
09:15 Opening Remark from IOC-WESTPAC Somkiat Khokiattiwon  
09:20 Introduction to the CLIVAR-FIO Summer School series and ODC Center Fangli Qiao
09:30 Introducing to CLIVAR-FIO Summer School Jose Santos
09:35 Logistic information Jing Li
09:40 Courses opening    
09:45 Group photo    
10:00 Overview of science issues Walter Robinson
10:30 Discussion Walter  
10:45 Coffee break & Group photo    
11:15 Statistical and Dynamical Analysis of Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies Changming Dong
11:45 Mesoscale air-sea interaction: Impact of mesoscale SSTs on atmospheric weather patterns Xiaohui Ma
12:15 Discussion Changming/Xiaohui  
12:30 Lunch    
14:00 The Surface Wave Related Turbulence and its Key Roles in the Earth's Climate Fangli Qiao
14:45 Discussion Fangli Qiao  
15:00 Exercise:
Examine the local atmospheric response to mesoscale SSTs in the Kuroshio extension region
Xiaohui Ma / Weiwei Ma
16:00 Coffee break    
16:30 Participants lightning talks All students & teachers  
Day 2 (Tuesday, 16 August)
Air-sea interaction
9:00 Evidence for dynamical upwelling of ocean eddy influence on the atmosphere Walter Robinson
9:30 Mesoscale air-sea interaction: Upscaling mechanism from oceanic eddies to atmospheric storms Xiaohui Ma
10:00 Discussion Walter/Xiaohui  
10:30 Coffee break    
11:00 Eddy-Resolving Global Ocean Prediction (the topic may have to be changed to focus on air-sea interation)  Changming Dong
12:00 Discussion    
12:30 Lunch    
14:00 Journal article discussion Agostino Meroni
14:30 EUREC4A/ATOMIC overview and early result (1) - EUREC4A-OA (*Pre-course reading material is avaiable here) Sabrina Speich
15:00 EUREC4A/ATOMIC overview and early result (2) - ATOMIC Suneil Iyer
15:30 Discussion Agostino Meroni   
15:45 Exercise: The influence of oceanic eddies on the overlying atmospheric wind speed and rain rate Changming Dong
16:45 Coffee break    
17:00 Research ideas 'speed dating' All students & teachers  
18:00 Voting for top 10 research ideas All students & teachers  
Day 3 (Wednesday, 17 August
8:30 Depart from hotel All students & volunteers  
9:00 Site visit All students & volunteers  
12:00 Lunch & return to hotel All students & volunteers  
14:30 In situ observations of eddies & eddy-atmosphere interaction Gwyn Evans
15:00 The deformation and submesoscale ageostrophic motion within mesoscale eddy in South China Sea Dongxiao Wang
15:30 Satellite observation of eddies & eddy-atmosphere interaction - ​SeaSTAR Adrien Martin
  • Recorded presentation
  • Slides
16:00 Discussion Gwyn Evans  
16:15 Coffee break    
16:30 Exercise:
Work with Glider/Satellite data
Gwyn Evans/Dongxiao/TBC  
17:30 Work on Proposals Groups  
21:00 Evening online Q&A Gwyn Evans  
Day 4 (Thursday, 18 August
9:00 Representation of ocean macroturbulence in GCMs Fangli Qiao
10:00 Discussion    
10:30 Coffee break    
11:00 A global eddy-resolving ocean forecast system in China – LICOM Forecast System (LFS) Hailong Liu
12:00 Discussion Zhenya Song/Hailong Liu  
12:30 Lunch    
14:00 Journal article discussion (*Pre-course reading material is available here)    
14:30 Role of ocean macroturbulence in climate simulation and prediction, projection---- Ideas from FIO-ESM Zhenya Song
15:15 Discussion Zhenya Song  
15:30 Coffee break    
16:00 Exercise:
A diagnostic toolkit for the impact of ocean model resolution
Yiwen Li
17:30 Work on Proposals Groups  
Day 5 (Friday, 19 August)
Biogeochemistry and societal relevance
9:00 Meso- and submeso-scale eddy dynamics and biogeochemical processes and the impact on heat and carbon transport (* Please all watch the presentation beforehand. The lecturer will ask questions and have a discussion during the allotted time.) Annalisa Bracco
9:45 ​​Contribution of meso-/submeso- scale eddies to marine extreme events Ivy Frenger
10:30 Coffee break    
11:00  Discussion for Ivy's talk Ivy Frenger  
11:30 Physical/biological interactions at meso/submeso scales and its implication for decision makers Alice della Penna
12:15 Discussion for Alice's talk Alice della Penna  
12:30 Lunch    
14:00 Journal article discussion Alice della Penna
14:30 Breakout discussion: Identifying knowledge gaps in understanding of the phy/biological process with societal relevance Alice/Ivy  
15:00 Coffee break    
15:30 Exercise: Marine predators in a turbulent ocean Alice/Ivy
17:00 Work on Proposals Groups  
21:00 Evening online Q&A    
Day 6 (Saturday, 20 August)
Student research proposal presentations
9:00 Proposal presentations 15 mins each group + 5 mins discussions, group 1-6) Groups  
11:00 Coffee break    
11:30 Wrap-up    
Jing Li