15th Session of CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel Agenda

15th Session of CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel

Draft Agenda (download pdf version)

Draft schedule (please use “Suggesting” mode for edits):

➔ 8 SORP members on site (Ariaan, Torge, Alexander, Alvaro, Carolina, Neil, Ronald, Ted)
➔ 2-4 hybrid/online (Natalie, Clive, Michiyo, Tore?, …)
➔ Train ride to Potsdam about 30 min from western Berlin, short 20 min walk uphill to Telegrafenberg from Potsdam main station
➔ Some sessions are co-organised with NORP, for which timing is fix
➔ All times below are given in local Berlin time (CEST)
​➔ Berlin S-Bahn (metro) lines:
​➔ For directions see maps at end of this document!

Monday 10 July (AWI, Telegrafenberg, Potsdam)

Location: Alfred-Wegener-Institut, Telegrafenberg A45, 14473 Potsdam, Building A45S, 2nd floor, Room S301 (https://goo.gl/maps/JUjfxhQSRbCCosQ86)

09:15-10:00 Arrival on Telegrafenberg and coffee break

10:00-11:30 Opening and self-introduction

- welcome by co-chairs (Ariaan and Torge, ~10 min)
- SORP member self introductions (3 slides max, 5 min incl. Q&A each, approx 60 min), both on site and remote participants

11:30-13:00 Overview SORP activities

- brief status report incl. finances (Torge, 5 min) 
- SOFIA (Neil, 5 min)
- CLIVAR Echange special issue (Ronald, 5 min)
- Antarctic InSync (Alex, 5 min) – just for completeness, more on Day 2
- UN Southern Ocean decade actions (?, 5 min)
- discussion
- brainstorming (to be continued over dinner and on day 2)

Group picture

13:00-14:30 Lunch break

- Either local café or caféteria on Telegrafenberg
- Extended lunch break to facilitate discussion and exchange among members

14:30-17:30 Joint NORP-SORP meeting (180 min, incl. 30m coffee break), Building A45S, 2nd floor, Room S301 

- Introductory round (no slides, just verbal: name, affiliation, expertise, interests, …)
- Review of NORP-SORP Workshop/BAMS paper and CMIP6 bootcamp
- Future NORP-SORP summer school on Polar Climate Change + 3-day workshop at ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 2024

- additional funding
- topics, lecturers

- Other joint activities – brainstorming, for example

- joint sessions at conferences e.g. Ocean Sciences, EGU (long term planning for future conferences),
- freshwater forcing experiments: combining Antarctic and Greenland FW release (SOFIA + NAHosMIP/TiPES)

18:30 Group dinner (NORP+SORP)

- at El Puerto, Potsdam (http://www.elpuerto.de/);
- about 30 min walk from meeting location


Tuesday 11 July (IUGG conference centre, City Cube, Berlin)

Location Room R13 on Level 3 above the main entrance

9:00-10:30 SORP business

- Continued brainstorming from Day 1:
  • Ambition for the panel, what can we achieve with the current members
  • Task teams: continuation of existing and formation of new ones
- Format of monthly video calls (guest speakers, more science, frequency, …)

10:30-11:00 coffee break

11:00-12:00 Antarctica InSync (discussion lead by Alex)
  • Task team on a future internationally coordinated observational campaign in the Southern Ocean planned for 2027-2030

12:00-13:00 SCAR joint discussion

- SCAR AntClimNow (Tom Bracegirdle, confirmed)
- SCAR INSTANT (Alessandro Silvano, confirmed)

13:00-14:00 lunch break

14:00-15:30 Joint NORP-SORP-OMDP meeting (90 min, incl. coffee break ?)

- OMDP presentation (Julie McClean, Dorotea Iovino, 15m)
- brief NORP ideas for collaboration (15 min)
- brief SORP ideas for collaboration (15 min), for example

- How can observations from SO-year help improve models, what is needed, how to engage ocean/climate modeling community in planning?
- Support from OMDP for SOFIA, share experience from OMIP

- General discussion (45 min)

-> Alistair Adcroft (OMDP) and others join online -> just for first 60 min, then open discussion and coffee?

15:00-15:30 (or 15:30-16:00) coffee break NORP-SOPR-OMDP

16:00-17:00 SORP meeting adjourn

- Meeting summary
- Action items (assign names to tasks!)
- Advertising for new members (open call in Sept.) & new co-chair (replacing Torge)

Jing Li