Two New US CLIVAR Publications

1. Assessing Meridional Overturning Circulation Variability (Fourth Annual Progress Report for a SOST Near Term Priority) that provides an update on the US AMOC Science Program, sponsored by NASA, NOAA, NSF and most recently DOE, to:

  • implement and evaluate the AMOC observing system,
  • assess AMOC state variability and change,
  • assess AMOC variability mechanisms and predictability, and
  • assess AMOC's role in global climate and ecoysystems.
These objectives map onto the four PI Task Teams that were initiated this past year.  This publication may be of interest to the International Atlantic Implementation Panel in particular.  The 2012 annual meeting of the US AMOC Science Team (comprised of PIs of ~60 funded projects) will be in Boulder, Colorado, 15-17 August.  In addition to individual project updates on the first day that you'd expect at a PI meeting, the second day will be conducted as a workshop on specific topics of the four Task Teams, with 2 invited talks and structured discussions to engage a synthesis discussion of understanding, near term priorities and future directions.  The meeting website (abstract submission closes May 18) is at

2. Understanding the Dynamic Response of Greenland's Marine Terminating Glaciers to Oceanic and Atmospheric Forcing (White Paper of the US CLIVAR Working Group on Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean Interactions) that is intended to:

  • provide a cross-disciplinary synthesis of the current state of knowledge on Greenland Ice Sheet mass loss and the relevant mechanisms and forcings affecting glacial retreat; 
  • identify key gaps in understanding of mechanisms linking climate forcings, perturbations at the marine glacier margins, and their dynamic response; and 
  • recommend approaches to address the knowledge gaps, combining long-term monitoring of key systems, process studies targeting specific dynamic regimes, and inclusion of the dynamics in Earth System Models. 
New methodological, technological, human and organizational systems are envisioned to accelerate progress in reducing uncertainties in Greenland's projected mass change, its contribution to sea level rise, and its impact on the climate system.  I've forwarded to the Working Group (WG) the url link announcing the WGOMD Workshop on Sea Level Rise, Ocean/Ice Shelf Interaction and Ice Sheets to be held 13-20 February 2013 in Hobart, Australia.  Patrick Heimbach has contacted Gokhan Danabasoglu, WGOMD co-chair, to initiate a dialogue between the WGs and ensure that member(s) of the US WG attend the WGOMD Workshop.  The US WG is also undertaking the planning of a 2013 Workshop to pro-actively engage an international multidisciplinary community of scientists, plan the coordination of resources, and identifying concrete steps to make progress in understanding glaciar/ocean interactions in Greenland.