Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS)

CLIVAR, in collaboration with IOGOOS and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, is working to design and implement an integrated observing system for the Indian Ocean, including a basin-wide mooring array, a 3°x3° array of Argo floats, a 5°x5° array of surface drifters, an enhanced XBT network as well as many other measurements (e.g., process studies, tide gauges and satellites). In order to help review, coordinate and plan the implementation process, the idea of the IndOOS webpages are to bring together information on past, ongoing and planned observational activities in the Indian Ocean.

If you are carrying out (or planning to carry out) observational projects/cruises of relevance to the Indian Ocean, please email Jing Li (, including the following information:

  • Project/cruise details, including port/date of departure
  • Location and parameters measured
  • Contact person (including e-mail address)
  • Data availability (i.e. where the data will be stored and accessibility)
  • Additional information (e.g. brief summary, webpage, possible collaborations etc.)

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