The Future CLIVAR: Help chart the course (Town Hall)

CLIVAR is the World Climate Research Programme project that addresses Climate Variability and Predictability, with a particular focus on the role of ocean-atmosphere interactions in climate. International CLIVAR seeks to identify major emerging climate science questions and to facilitate international coordination, cooperation and capacity building to address these issues.  CLIVAR of the future will be more cross-disciplinary and will need to build the application of CLIVAR/ocean science to societal needs. This town hall meeting will provide an opportunity to explore new directions for CLIVAR, with a focus on the role of the oceans in climate and on climate of the oceans.  Input is sought on new ideas and projects that could form the focus of the next big international exploration of the ocean, its role in climate and the impact of climate on the oceans.  Join the discussion on the OSM facebook page.

Town Hall meeting at the Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA  

Tuesday February 21, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Room 250 A, B, D, E

Organizers: Valery Detemmerman, WCRP,; Martin Visbeck, IFM GEOMAR,