Exchanges 60 Now Online

Special Issue on Africa

(No. 60, Vol. 17, No. 3) is available to download here.

African climate research is at an exciting juncture. The last decade has seen a profound expansion of research efforts and programmes on African climate. This issue of Exchanges is given over mainly to documenting a sample of climate programmes and initiatives in Africa that are linked to the CLIVAR Africa Climate Panel interests. In the fast moving arena of African climate science, we hope that this issue of Exchanges will be a useful ‘one stop’ to learn about several African climate initiatives.

Issue Contents:

The DFID-Met Office Climate Science Research Partnership for Africa

CORDEX-Africa: a unique opportunity for science and capacity building

Presenting the ISACIP/AfriClimServ project: first component of the Climdev_Africa programme

Seasonal Forecasting over West & Central Africa    

Igad Climate Prediction And Application Centre (ICPAC)

An update on AMMA activities in the CLIVAR framework

African climate services: a priority for GFCS and CLIVAR

Demonstration Study for the Integration of Climate Change Projections Information into the Planning for the Hydroelectric Power Industry in East Africa

Climate-Related Activities Within The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region

Beyond Science – Policy Dialogues: Putting climate science at the service of adaptation decision-makers and vulnerable communities in Africa

Climate change, agriculture and food security (CCAFS): linking research and action in East and West Africa    

Fennec – The Saharan Climate System    

The Africa Climate Conference (ACC) 2013 – Setting the priorities for climate research in Africa and delivering climate information into the hands of users