Event City Country Event Dates External Event URL
3rd Summer School on Theory, Mechanisms and Hierarchical Modeling of Climate Dynamics: Tropical Oceans, ENSO and their Teleconnections Trieste Italy
2020-08-03 to 2020-08-14
【POSTPONED】14th Session of the CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel Hobart Australia
2020-07-30 to 2020-07-31
CLIVAR-FIO Summer School on Ocean Macroturbulence and Its Role in Earth’s Climate Qingdao China
2020-07-06 to 2020-07-11
【POSTPONED】2nd Session of CLIVAR/CliC Northern Ocean Region Panel Akureyri Iceland 2020-03-30
4th Session of the CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel Mykonos Greece
2019-10-04 to 2019-10-05
Session on Sea ice, ocean and climate connections in the Northern Oceans and the Southern Oceans at IGS 2019 Winnipeg Canada
2019-08-18 to 2019-08-23
1st Global Planning Meeting of United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) Copenhaguen Denmark
2019-05-13 to 2019-05-15
Session on 'Changes in the Arctic Ocean, sea ice and subarctic seas systems: Observations, Models and Perspectives' at EGU 2019 Vienna Austria
2019-04-07 to 2019-04-12
IV International Conference on El Niño Southern Oscillation: ENSO in a warmer Climate Guayaquil Ecuador
2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
CLIVAR-FIO Joint Summer School in 2018 Qingdao China
2018-06-25 to 2018-07-07
Workshop: Using Paleo-Climate Model/Data Comparisons to Constrain Future Projections Honolulu Hawaii
2012-03-01 to 2012-03-03
Fifth Session of the CLIVAR/PAGES Working Group Denver Colorado 2011-10-28
PAGES/CLIVAR Workshop: Reducing and representing uncertainties in high-resolution proxy climate data Trieste Italy
2008-06-09 to 2008-06-11
Heat and Freshwater Storage and Transports in Observations and Climate Models Exeter UK