Workshop on high-resolution ocean modelling for coupled seamless predictions

An international workshop on high-resolution ocean modelling for coupled seamless predictions

Scope: The scientific development of ocean models and global coupled prediction systems at resolutions of order 1/12 ° for seasonal to decadal prediction and short-range weather forecasting.


ICTP - CLIVAR School on Ocean Climate Modelling: Physical and Biogeochemical Dynamics of Semi- Enclosed Seas

The School will be organized in daily morning sessions with key lectures divided in two main streams (Part A: Fundamentals and Part B: Applications), and daily afternoon sessions devoted to practical training (Part C: Hands-on sessions). Practical sessions will be the backbone of the school, with hands-on training in the use of ocean and ecological models. The students will be guided through the necessary steps for setting up a simulation, from generating the input fields to choosing the appropriate physical settings, to finally analyzing and postprocessing the data.

Workshop on Energy transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean

The topic of the conference is the energy cycle in atmosphere and ocean. This includes the interaction of different dynamical regimes such as gravity waves, small-scale turbulence and geostrophic flow, new parameterisations, the formulation of consistent models, but extents also to new numerical methods and extreme climates. The workshop aims to bring together meteorology, physical oceanography, applied mathematics and astrophysics and is sponsored by University of Hamburg.

There is no fee required to attend.