Ocean Modelling CORE-II Special Issue

Ocean Modelling solicits manuscripts that document aspects of the CORE-II simulations. Manuscripts should compare simulations across a suite of models, as well as to observational analyses where available. The journal is particularly interested in manuscripts that thoroughly and pedagogically document the state-of-the-science in a particular aspect of global ocean-sea ice modelling available through the CORE-II protocol.

CORE Release Notes

The document describes the datasets and protocol for running global ocean-ice climate models according to the CLIVAR Working Group on Ocean Model Development (WGOMD) Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (COREs).

Live stream of the WGOMD Workshop on Ocean Climate High Resolution Modelling

The WGOMD Workshop on Ocean Climate High Resolution Modelling, which is taking place in Kiel, Germany next Monday to Wednesday, 7-9 April will be live streamed via mms://

Please visit the workshop website for more information and to see the latest version of the agenda: