Global Synthesis and Observations Panel (GSOP)

About Us

Participants of the 7th Session of the Global Synthesis and Observations Panel in The Hague, July 2014

GSOP is responsible for the definition and promotion of CLIVAR's overall global needs for sustained ocean observations, and the evaluation of model-based synthesis of ocean observations.

Terms of Reference

The CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations panel is established to:
1. Develop, promote and seek to implement strategies for the synthesis of global ocean, atmosphere and coupled climate information. Methods will include observation-based syntheses and model-based syntheses e.g. Reanalyses.
2. Define CLIVAR's requirement for globally sustained observations and promote the use of resulting data sets in global synthesis efforts.  Provide strategic advice and supporting evidence in collaboration with WMO and IOC bodies, to help sustain, evolve and optimise the global ocean observing system based on new science and reanalysis insights.
3. Develop metrics to evaluate ocean and coupled syntheses, to promote the utility of synthesis products for climate applications, including initialisation of coupled forecasts, detection/attribution of climate change and variability, and determining the oceans role in the global heat, water and biogeochemical cycles.
4. Provide strategic advice and direction to CLIVAR/WCRP data management and processing activities within the Framework for Ocean Observing, related to production of climate quality global ocean synthesis products.
5. Liaise and collaborate with WCRP Councils, Panels and Working Groups in identifying the requirements for, and coordinating the development of, a sustainable Earth system monitoring and prediction system.
6. The Panel will report to the CLIVAR SSG.

Ocean Synthesis/Reanalysis Efforts

At the Earth System Initialization for Decadal Predictions Workshop, hosted by the KNMI in November 2009, the modeling community had suggested and requested that ocean reanalysis are provided in an "EasyInit" project

Ocean Synthesis/Reanalysis Intercomparison Project

At the CLIVAR/GODAE Meeting on Ocean Synthesis Evaluation, held at ECMWF, UK, in August 2006, several ocean systhesis efforts produced outputs for a collaborative intercomparison assessment of the existing global analysis/synthesis products.


Event City Country Date
CLIVAR Open Science Conference Qingdao China
2016-09-18 to 2016-09-25
Third IQuOD Workshop Hamburg Germany
2015-12-03 to 2015-12-04
Workshop on energy flow through the climate system Exeter UK
2015-09-29 to 2015-10-01
8th Session of the Global Synthesis and Observations Panel Exeter UK 2015-09-28
Sustained ocean observing for the next decade Conference Galway Ireland
2015-09-14 to 2015-09-18

GSOP Panel Members

Name Role Institute Country
Tony Lee Co-Chair 2016 Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA
Matt Palmer Co-Chair 2017 Met Office Hadley Centre UK
Yosuke Fujii Member 2018 Meteorological Research Institute Japan
Paulo Henrique Calil Member 2018 Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil
Magdalena Balmaseda Member 2016 ECMWF UK
Catia Domingues Member 2017 Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC Australia
Lisan Yu Member 2017 WHOI USA
Are Olsen Member 2016 University of Bergen Norway
Yan Xue Member 2017 NOAA/NCEP USA
Andrea Storto Member 2018 Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Changes (CMCC), Italy
Craig Donlon Member 2018 ESA-ESTEC Netherlands
Ken Ando Ex officio Vice-Chair / Tropical Moored Buoy Implementation Panel Japan
Dean Roemmich Ex officio co-Chair of the Argo Steering Team USA
Uwe Send Ex officio Co-chair / OceanSITES USA

The ICPO contact for the CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations Panel is Nico Caltabiano.