Wenju Cai (Co-Chair) (2015)   CSIRO, Division of Atmospheric Research, Aspendale, Australia
Alexandre Ganachaud (Co-Chair) (2015)   LEGOS, Toulouse, France
Ken Ando (2014)   JAMSTEC, Japan
Kim Cobb (2016)   Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Mat Collins (2014)   University of Exeter, UK
Billy Kessler (2016)   NOAA/PMEL, USA
Matthieu Lengaigne (2014)   LOCEAN, Paris, France
Xiaopei Lin (2016)   Ocean University of China, Qindao, China
Carmen Morales (2016)   Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Phil Wiles (2014)   PI-GOOS, Apia, Samoa
Sang-Wook Yeh (2014)   Hanyang University, Republic of Korea
Dongliang Yuan (2016)   IOCAS, China


Ex-officio member

Mike McPhaden - Chair of the Tropical Moored Buoy Implementation Panel   NOAA/PMEL, USA


The ICPO contact for the CLIVAR Pacific Panel is Nico Caltabiano