CCl/CLIVAR/JCOMM Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices

4th Session of ETCCDI, 23-25 February 2011, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada

Indices and software developed under the auspices of the ETCCDI can be found on

The CLIMDEX Project: To produce a suite of in situ and gridded land-based global datasets of indices representing the more extreme aspects of climate and to develop software tools for users to access the resulting datasets via a Web interface.

- WCRP-ICTP Summer School on Attribution and Prediction of Climate Extremes - 21 July to 01 August, 2014, Trieste, Italy

- 4th Session of ETCCDI - 23-25 February 2011, Victoria, BC, Canada - Meeting Report
- Detection and attribution of climate change: a regional perspective
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