ICPO attended workshop at NUIST

At the invitation of the workshop organizer, Dr Changming Dong (Oceanic Modeling and Observation Laboratory, NUIST), Valery Detemmerman, Executive Director of the CLIVAR ICPO, and Lei Han, ICPO Staff Scientist, attended a two days' workshop on Regional Oceanic Numerical Modeling and Observation organized by the NUIST on 30-31 May in Nanjing. This workshop was attended by over 200 people from China and abroad. At the opening ceremony, Valery made a brief introduction on WCRP, CLIVAR and its upcoming Open Science Conference in September.

During the visit, the president of NUIST, Dr JIANG Jianqin met with ICPO, expressed sincere welcome and delivered the wish that Valery's visit could promotes collaborations between CLIVAR and NUIST in many aspects, for instance meteorology, oceanography and climate research. Valery thanked the hospitality of the president and the invitation of NUIST to attend such an interesting workshop with topics much relevant to CLIVAR. She also stated CLIVAR was more than happy to strenghen the links with NUIST and other Chinese institutions, and to encourage the Chinese scientists to play more role in CLIVAR's activities.

NUIST: Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China.