Bin Wang wins The Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal 2015

At the 95th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, the Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal in 2015 was awarded to Prof Bin Wang “for creative insights leading to important advances in the understanding of tropical and monsoonal processes and their predictability”.

Bin Wang is a Professor at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at University of Hawaii, Overseas Dean of the School of Atmospheric Science of NUIST.

The Carl-Gustaf Rossby Research Medal is the highest award for atmospheric science of the American Meteorological Society. It is presented to individuals on the basis of outstanding contributions to the understanding of the structure or behavior of the atmosphere.

Prof Bin Wang graduated from Ocean University of China and received his M.S. from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS in 1981 and his Ph D. from Florida State University in 1984. He specializes in Climate and Atmospheric Dynamics.