11th Session of WGOMD

Thursday, February 21, 2013 to Saturday, February 23, 2013
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CSIRO, Hobart, Australia


Thursday, 21 February, 2013 - Saturday, 23 February, 2013




Thursday 21 February 2013

09:00    Welcome, logistics, introductions, review of agenda, workshop wrap-up

09:30    WCRP Grand Challenge on Sea Level Rise (Stammer)

10:00     TWAP Sea Level Rise: Assessing potential impacts on coastal communities (McManus, Combal)

10:30     BREAK

CORE-II experiments and paper updates

11:00    North Atlantic (Danabasoglu)

12:00    South Atlantic (Treguier)

12:30    LUNCH

14:00    Southern Ocean and ventilation (Farneti)

15:00    Circulation in T and S space (Nurser)

15:30    BREAK

16:00    Arctic Ocean and sea-ice (Gerdes, Wang, Drange)

17:00    CORE-II discussion
                - issues and lessons learned
                - plans (updates, corrections)
                - data requests
                - others?

17:45    end of day

Friday 22 February 2013

WGOMD – Southern Ocean Panel (SOP) joint session

09:00    CORE and the ongoing comparison projects (Danabasoglu)

09:15    Southern Ocean CORE comparison (Farneti)

09:45    Southern Ocean in CMIP5 (Sallee)

10:15    Model representation of Southern Ocean bottom water mass formation and circulation (Downes)

10:45    BREAK

11:15    Short workshop summary (Danabasoglu)

11:30    Future Southern Ocean Related WGOMD Activities? (Marsland)

11:45    Summary of Ocean Model Development related SOP activities (England)

12:00    Discussion of any joint WGOMD – SOP activities (Griffies)

12:30    LUNCH

14:00    Future WGOMD foci and activities
                - MIP Proposals to WGOMD (Winton)
                - Climate response function protocol (Kelley)
                - High resolution framework
                - Proposal for CliC Working Group: Antarctic Regional Outlet Glacier‐Ocean Modeling (Holland)
                - others?

15:30     BREAK

16:00     Future activities continued
                 - proposals and ideas for our next workshop
                 - update on the WGNE weather and climate model bias workshop

17:00     end of day

Saturday 23 February 2013

09:00     CORE-II work on sea surface height (Griffies)

10:00     Updates on the new CLIVAR structure and modeling council (Danabasoglu)

10:30     BREAK

11:00     Executive session

                 - CLIVAR SSG action items for WGOMD
                 - membership
                 - next meetings
                 - other issues?

12:00     General discussion and wrap-up (action items)

12:30     LUNCH  (possibly adjurn)

14:00     Center / national ocean model development updates

Ocean Code Development at GFDL 2013 (Griffies)

Brief update on the status of ocean model development in Japan (Tsujino)

CORE-II: vertical mixing scheme and mesoscale diffusivity sensitivity - GISS Update (Leboissetier)

15:30     ADJURN



WGOMD Members

Gokhan Danabasoglu (co-Chair), Helge Drange (co-Chair), Mike Winton, George Nurser, Enrique Curchister, Hiroyuki Tsujino, Simon Marlsand, David Holland

Invited Participants

Claus Böning, Anne-Marie Treguier, Eric Chassignet, Trevor McDougall, Mats Bentsen, Susan Bates, Detlef Stammer, Tony Leboissetier, Max Kelley, Andrea Storto, Phil Jones, Mathew Maltrud, Liana McManus, Bruno Combal, Qiang Wang, Riccardo Farneti, Rüdiger Gerdes, Partick Heimbach