Talks - WGOMD Workshop on Ocean Mesoscale Eddies

Day 1: Mon 27April: Observing and simulating the ocean mesoscale

Stephen Griffies (GFDL/NOAA): Introduction

Carl Wunsch (MIT): Observations, simulations, and assimilations

Dudley Chelton (Oregon State): Global mesoscale eddy variability from satellite altimeters (100MB)
(Download here an 8MB version with no movies)

Matthew Hecht (Los Alamos): POP simulations in an eddying regime

Steve Rintoul (CSIRO): Mesoscale processes in the Southern Ocean

Malcolm Roberts (UK Met Office Hadley Centre): Impacts of the mesoscale on coupled phenomena

Frank Bryan (NCAR): Tracer Transport in Eddy Resolving Global Ocean Simulations


Day 2: Tue 28April: Parameterizing the mesoscale

Peter Gent (NCAR): Gent-McWilliams with 20/20 Hindsight

Richard Greatbatch (IFM-GEOMAR): Interpretation of meso-scale eddy mixing

Carsten Eden (IFM-GEOMAR): Parameterisation of meso-scale eddy mixing

David Marshall (Oxford): Parameterisation of geostrophic eddies: energetics, conservation and flow stability

Trevor McDougall (CSIRO): Thermodynamic Equation of State of Seawater-2010

John Marshall (MIT): The interplay between baroclinic instability, geostrophic turbulence and Rossby waves in the ocean (and routes to parameterisation)

Raffaele Ferrari (MIT): Lateral and vertical variations in eddy mixing

Day 3: Wed 29April: At the frontier

Michael Bell (UK Met Office): Forecasting the ocean mesoscale

Mike Spall (WHOI): Eddies and deep water formation

Andreas Oschlies (IFM-GEOMAR): Eddies and ocean biogeochemistry

Baylor Fox-Kemper (Colorado): Submesoscale dynamics and parameterization

Anne-Marie Treguier (Brest): Anisotropy, momentum fluxes... a few remaining challenges for parameterizations

Jim McWilliams (UCLA): Eddy roles in the general circulation