2nd Tropical Atlantic Observing System (TAOS) Review Workshop

Agenda for 2nd TAOS Workshop

Day 1: Thursday 10/25
9:00 Welcome and workshop goals/organization (Bill Johns/Sabrina Speich)

9:30 Review of "Key Science and Operational Drivers for the TAOS"
(15 min summary +15 min questions/discussion for each topic)
Presenters (in consultation with co-lead(s) and task team for each topic) are asked to discuss the observation system that would be needed to adequately respond to each science and operational driver.
Summarize (a) gaps in observing system and recommendations, (b) EOV's, and (c) what parts of present TAOS are most essentially contributing to each topic, and how. If possible frame within a 3-tier system (absolute minimum, good, ideal/comprehensive), and what platforms/sensors could deliver the necessary information (with an outlook of what upcoming
platforms/sensors can be expected).

9:30 Dynamics of Tropical Atlantic Variability (Moacyr Araujo/Ping Chang)

10:00 Climate Impacts of Tropical Atlantic Variability (Jeff Knight, Yochanon Kushnir)

10:30 Break

11:00 The AMOC in the Tropical Atlantic (Bill Johns/Sabrina Speich)

11:30 The Carbon System in the Tropical Atlantic (Toste Tanhua, Carol Robinson)

12:00 Biogeochemical Processes in the Tropical Atlantic (Carol Robinson, Martin Visbeck)

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Ecosystem Dynamics and Fisheries (Jörn Schmidt, Brian Mudumbi)

2:30 Sea Level Rise and Ocean Heat Content (MikeMcPhaden, Abderrahim Bentamy)

3:00 Improved predictions on subseasonal to decadal time scales (10 min +10 min ea.)

3:00-3:20 (a) Weather forecasts (M. Balmaseda/A. Simmons, Philippe Dandin)

3:20-3:50 Break

3:50-4:10 (b) Tropical Cyclones and Extreme events (Scott Stripling, Ping Chang)

4:10-4:30 (c) Longer-time scale predictions (Noel Keenlyside, Ingo Richter)

4:30 Long-term climate change and impacts (Yochanon Kushnir, Noel Keenlyside)

5:00 Summary of proposed enhancements/modifications (Bill Johns)
This session will review the results of a preliminary "TAOS Recommendations" survey to be completed by each review committee member prior to workshop, after drafts of each driver topic have been circulated. Each member will provide their (anonymous) answers to two questions: (a) What are the key enhancements that should be recommended for the TAOS, and (b) What elements of the present TAOS are "least critical/least essential", i.e. where could savings potentially be made to allow room for enhancements?
This will be used to help guide the discussions on the morning of day 2.

6:00 Adjourn for day

Day 2: Friday 10/26

9:00 Discussion of recommended enhancements and prioritization  
a. PIRATA Perspective

10:30 Break

11:00 Discussion of priorities for maintenance of existing observing system elements
(proposals for re-configuration of buoy/drifter/Argo networks?)

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Governance/Review/Resourcing
Summaries of current governance structure for (10 min ea):
(a) PIRATA (Bernard Bourles)
(b) Argo (Steve Jayne)
(c) SVP/drifters (Rick Lumpkin)

2:30 Recommendations for TAOS governance/resourcing (Mike McPhaden, Sabrina Speich)

3:00 Recommendations for periodic TAOS Review ((Sabrina Speich, Bill Johns)

3:30 Break

4:00 Summary and open discussion of all recommendations; timeline for completion of TAOS Review report; writing assignments

5:30 Meeting Adjourned

Jing Li