Victor Ongoma

Department of Meteorology – South Eastern Kenya University
Job Title: 

Dr. Victor Ongoma

Lecturer, Department of Meteorology – South Eastern Kenya University


Victor holds PhD in Meteorology from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China, attained in 2017. His areas of interest are climatology, and climate change. His current research is on variability of extreme climate events over East Africa.

In his PhD thesis, he investigated the variability of past and future mean and extreme climate events over East Africa. Out of the thesis, he published six scientific research papers:

  1. Ongoma V, Chen H (2017) Temporal and spatial variability of temperature and precipitation over East Africa from 1951 to 2010. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 129(2):131–144.
  2. Ongoma V, Chen H, Gao C, Sagero PO (2017) Variability of temperature properties over Kenya based on observed and reanalyzed datasets. Theoretical and Applied Climatology.
  3. Ongoma V, Chen H, Omony GW (2018) Variability of Extreme Weather Events over East Africa, a case study of Rainfall in Kenya and Uganda. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 131(1-2): 295–308.
  4. Ongoma V, Chen H, Gao C (2018) Evaluation of CMIP5 twentieth century rainfall simulation over the equatorial East Africa. Theoretical and Applied Climatology.
  5. Ongoma V, Chen H, Gao C (2018) Projected Change in Mean Rainfall and Temperature over East Africa based on CMIP5 Models. International Journal of Climatology 38(3): 1375–1392.
  6. Ongoma V, Chen H, Gao C, Nyongesa AM, Polong F (2018) Future changes in Climate extreme  over Equatorial East Africa based on CMIP5 multimodel ensemble. Natural Hazards 90: 901–920.

He is a member of the Young Earth System Scientists, The GLOBE International Scientist Network, International Association of Urban Climate, and Kenya Meteorological Society. He was recently elected to serve as an Executive Member of the Kenya Meteorological Society; 2018 - 2020.

His career objective is to be a competent and a life driven researcher who is conscious and responsive to dynamic challenges of the world. He is interested in postdoc opportunities and multi-disciplinary collaborations geared towards attaining his career objective.

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