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1. To oversee and facilitate the implementation of CLIVAR in the Pacific sector in order to meet the objectives outlined in the Science and Initial Implementation Plans particularly with respect to:

  • Expanding and Improving ENSO predictions
  • Variability and predictability of the Asian-Australian Monsoon system
  • Indo-Pacific Decadal Variability

And also on Pacific impacts on:

  • Variability and predictability of the American Monsoon system
  • Southern Ocean Climate variability
  • Climate change prediction/detection and attribution

2. To develop broadscale atmospheric sampling plans and processes studies to complement the oceanic observations planned for the Pacific and as an integral component of the strategy to improve atmospheric and coupled models. To work with agencies and nations to sustain broadscale atmospheric sampling in the Pacific.

3. To coordinate the activities of the Pacific nations, facilitating cooperative efforts and coordinating work within the boundaries of the various nations as well as outside those boundaries. To provide a forum for exchange and discussion of national plans in the Pacific.

4. To organize and conduct workshops that will entrain oceanographers, atmospheric scientists, and other investigators from the Pacific nations, that will lead to formulation of plans for broadscale sampling and for sampling locations of high interest (such as boundary currents), and will coordinate not only the field activities but also the modeling, empirical, and paleo studies in the Pacific.

5. To collaborate with WCRP WG on Coupled Modeling, the CLIVAR WG on Seasonal-Interannual Prediction and the WG on Ocean Model Development in order to design appropriate numerical experiments. To be aware of the requirements of these groups for data sets needed to validate models.

6. To liaise with the Ocean Observation Panel for Climate (OOPC), with the Joint Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM), with the Atmospheric Observations Panel for Climate (AOPC), and other relevant groups to ensure that CLIVAR benefits from and contributes to observations in GOOS and GCOS

7. To advise the CLIVAR SSG of progress and obstacles toward successful implementation of CLIVAR in the Pacific.

ENSO Forecasts

The CLIVAR Pacific panel has developed an ENSO expert prediction site.

Southwest Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (SPICE)

Climate in the South West Pacific region varies due to superimposed effects of El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and other signals including seasonal variations, global warming and natural decadal-scale variability

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Indonesia Throughflow Task Team (ITF-TT)

The overarching goal of the Indonesia Throughflow Task Team (ITF-TT) is to identify scientific gaps of ITF knowledge and develop an integrated strategy towards an internationally sustained ITF observing system.

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Pacific Panel Members

Name Role Institute Country
Wenju Cai Co-Chair 2015 CSIRO, Division of Atmospheric Research Australia
Alexandre Ganachaud Co-Chair 2015 LEGOS France
Kim Cobb Member 2016 School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Ken Ando Member 2014 JAMSTEC Japan
Mat Collins Member 2014 University of Exeter UK
Billy Kessler Member 2016 NOAA/PMEL USA
Matthieu Lengaigne Member 2014 LOCEAN France
Xiaopei Lin Member 2016 Ocean University of China China
Carmen Morales Member 2016 Universidad de Concepcion Chile
Phil Wiles Member 2014 PI-GOOS Samoa
Sang-Wook Yeh Member 2014 Hanyang University Republic of Korea
Dongliang Yuan Member 2016 IOCAS China
Michael McPhaden Ex officio NOAA/PMEL US

The ICPO contact for the CLIVAR Pacific Region Panel is Lei Han.