Africa Climate Network - Details


Job Title: IRENA National Focal Point In Chief
Permanent Institute: Ministry of the Environment
Ministry of the Environment
Country: Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

Geographical areas of study/interest:
All Africa, Northern Africa, Western Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Maghreb, Sahel
Area of Interest
Agrometeorology, Atmosphere (Aerosols), Atmosphere (Air Quality), Atmosphere (Teleconnections), Climate Change (Adaptation), Climate Change (Health), Climate Change (Mitigation), Climate Change (Prediction), Ecosystems, Extremes, Hydroclimatology, Hydrometeorology, Intraseasonal Variability, Land (Hydrology), Land (Erosion), Land-Atmosphere Interactions, Modeling (Global Climate), Modeling (Numerics and Parameterization Development), Modeling (Ocean), Modeling (Regional Climate), Monsoons, Other, Seasonal Prediction, Public Education and Outreach, Socio-economics & Sustainable Development, Weather Forecasting