PICES WG-40 workshop took place in Qingdao

The CLIVAR endorsed activity, PICES WG-40 (Climate and Ecosystem Predictability), was successfully organized and hosted by the First Institute of Oceanography, MNR, Qingdao China during 20-22 June. The theme of this workshop was 'Towards an integrated approach to understanding ecosystem predictability in the North Pacific'.

The aim of this workshop was to deepen the understanding of the climate processes that generate predictability and to assess the range of forecasting methods applied throughout the North Pacific. In the workshop, the current efforts and state of ocean and climate regional forecasting in target marine were reviewed, the mechanisms responsible for predictability in the different areas and their relationshipswere evaluated, and the steps and action required to develop a common framework for forecasting activities were discussed. Other future cooperation between CLIVAR and PICES was also discussed during the workshop.  A special issue on ecosystem predictions in the North Pacific will be composed by the end of the working group’s term.

Members from various panels of CLIVAR joined this workshop and made constructive contributions. The executive director of CLIVAR ICPO office, Jose Santos, was invited to make an opening remark for the workshop. He mentioned that under the background of the new WCRP strategy plan, biogeochemistry will become a more significant area of emphasis, and this highlights the need for increasedcooperation between PICES and CLIVAR. Some early career scientists from other institutes, including Xiamen University, the IOCAS (Institute of Oceanography, Chinese Academy of Sciences), the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, and the Ocean University of Chinaalso attended the workshop.

CLIVAR has had an intimate and long history scientific relationship with PICES through co-sponsorship of working groups and workshops. This workshop will enhance the mutual cooperation between CLIVAR and PICES, as well as the institutes from China.