PICES celebrating 25 years

PICES, the North Pacific Marine Science Organization, has organised in San Diego, USA, its Annual Meeting themed "Celebrating the Past, Imagining the Future". This year's Annual meeting was a celebration of 25 years of PICES. During this time, PICES has achieved remarkable success in furthering our understanding of the North Pacific's natural and socioeconomic systems. One of the main features of this year's meeting was a video that showed the multitude of disciplines in PICES, ranging from biogeochemistry, through phytoplankton production, to higher trophic levels including fisheries and coastal communities, with involvement of many natural and social scientists from all its member countries. 

CLIVAR has had a long scientific relationship withn PICES through co-sponsorship of Working Groups and workshops. At the PICES Annual Meeting in 2015, it was decided to establish a Study Group on Climate and Ecosystem Predictability (CEP), jointly between PICES and CLIVAR. Nico Caltabiano, ICPO Deputy Executive Director, attended the meeting in San Diego to discuss proposals made by the Study Group, as well as establish further links with PICES Physical Oceanography and Climate Committee (POC). Official decisions by the PICES Governing Council will be made available soon.