Notice of Job Appointment

We would like to appoint Ms Zhao, Qian as the administrative assistant of International CLIVAR Project Office

Duties and responsibilities of the ICPO Administrative Assistant

The ICPO administrative assistant assists the Executive Director and Staff Scientists to ensure that the ICPO provides effective secretarial support to the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (SSG), its panels and working groups.

The ICPO administrative assistant will have the following key responsibilities:

•Serve as secretariat to CLIVAR panels and working groups within the remit of the Global Office.  This includes, inter alia,

1)Assisting the Panel/WG chairs and Staff Scientists in logistical preparations for meetings and workshops;

2)Creating and maintaining pertinent and attractive webpages for the Panel/WG activities and ICPO announcements;

3)Providing support to the Panel/WG Chairs and Staff Scientists between sessions;

4)Liaising with other ICPO nodes on related activities;

5)Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the relevant fields of research.

•Support ICPO in the preparation of articles graphical input to CLIVAR and WCRP publications and websites;

•Financial management of the office;

•Assist the Executive Director as needed.

The valid period for any objection will be in 7 days, for any questions, please contact