2018 SCOR Annual Meeting

Registration is open for the 2018 SCOR Annual Meeting, in Plymouth, UK on 4-7 September 2018. TheWebsite for the meeting contains a link for registering, as well as lodging information. The meeting will be held at the Plymouth University Marine Station, near the National Marine Aquarium. 

SCOR annual meetings are open to any participant wishing to support their own attendance; there is no registration fee. The purpose of the meetings is to make it possible for national SCOR committees and partner organizations to assemble once per year to learn of SCOR accomplishments in the past year, to oversee the work of SCOR, and to approve new working groups and the SCOR budget for the coming year. SCOR meetings also provide an opportunity for international marine science projects and organizations to provide updates about their current work and plans for the future. This meeting will also feature reports from the marine science institutions located in Plymouth and an opportunity for visits to these institutions on 7 September.