CLIVAR Scientific Opportunities and Imperatives


Research Opportunities


  1. Intraseasonal, seasonal and interannual variability and predictability of monsoon systems
  2. Decadal variability and predictability of ocean and climate variability
  3. Trends, nonlinearities and extreme events
  4. Marine biophysical interactions and dynamics of upwelling systems
  5. Dynamics of regional sea level variability

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Imperatives: Enabling science to achieve the goals of the Scientific Frontiers

Imperative 1: Improved atmosphere and ocean component models of Earth System Models 
Reduce the negative impact of biases in model representations of atmospheric and oceanic processes 

Imperative 2: Data synthesis, analysis, reanalysis and uncertainty
Provide credibility to climate projections by understanding the past and present state of the ocean

Imperative 3: Ocean observing system
Maintain over many decades a sustained ocean observing system capable of detecting and documenting global climate change

Imperative 4: Capacity building


The CLIVAR Scientific Frontiers and Imperatives document can be downloaded in our Publications section.