Upcoming Events

Event Dates City Country Event External Event URL
2018-10-13 to 2018-10-14
San Pedro de Manglaralto Ecuador ENSO and Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability (EDV/TPDV) Workshop
2018-10-14 to 2018-10-15
Boulder USA 3rd GC Sea Level Meeting
2018-10-15 San Pedro de Manglaralto Ecuador 13th Session of CLIVAR Pacific Panel Meeting
2018-10-15 San Pedro de Manglaralto Ecuador 2nd Session of CLIVAR ENSO Research Foci Meeting
2018-10-16 to 2018-10-18
Guayaquil Ecuador IV International Conference on El Niño Southern Oscillation: ENSO in a warmer Climate http://www.ensoconference2018.org/
2018-10-22 to 2018-10-26
Marseille France PIRATA 23 and 2nd TAOS Review Workshop http://www.brest.ird.fr/pirata/
2018-10-23 to 2018-10-25
Santa Barbara, California, USA 43rd Climate Diagnostics & Prediction Workshop http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/outreach/CDPW/
2018-11-05 to 2018-11-09
Paris France 2018 Ocean Salinity Science Conference
2018-11-13 to 2018-11-16
Toulouse France 2018 WCRP workshop: The Earth’s Energy Imbalance and its implications (EEI)
2018-11-27 to 2018-11-29
Washington DC USA 24th Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group
2019-07-15 to 2019-07-21
Trieste Italy ICTP-CLIVAR Summer School on Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems: Assessing and understanding their changes and predicting their future