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The call for nominations to CLIVAR panels and groups is now open. Deadline for nominations for appointments is 20 July 2016, and nominations can be submitted online.

ICPO is pleased to announce that Ms Jing Li has joined the ICPO team in Qingdao, China. Jing comes from UNDP, BEIJING, P.R. China, where she has been Programme Assistant for Global Environmental Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) & Team Management Support for over 6 years

Participants are invited to attend this workshop to help develop a framework for using ENSO forecasts to predict changes in marine ecosystems off of the US West Coast, which shows large imprints of ENSO on biological processes. Due to the limited size of the workshop, participants must apply by May 2. 

The CLIVAR leadership expresses alarm at news of cuts to climate and ocean research programmes in Australia. 

More than 750 scientists from 66 countries submitted 936 abstracts to the CLIVAR Open Science Conference before the 25 March deadline. Almost half were from Early Career Scientists, which certainly bodes well for the future of climate and ocean science!  

"Charting the course for climate and ocean research"
CLIVAR Open Science Conference on 16-23, September, 2016 in Qingdao, China
Abstract submission closed. Registration is NOW OPEN!
Please visit the meeting website:

Latest Science Highlights

ENSO's response to greenhouse warming has challenged scientists for decades, despite model agreement on projected mean state changes. Recent studies have provided new insights into the elusive links between ENSO and Pacific climate mean-state changes.

The influence on ENSO's life cycle via equatorward WBC transport, the longevity of SST anomalies and strong advection transport of warm water by the Kuroshio Current, the considerable impact on Asian Monsoon via anomalous heat content exerted by the North Pacific WBCs, all have substantial climate impacts locally and globally.

Highlight of a recent paper by Newman et al. (2016), The Pacific decadal oscillation, revisited, Journal of Climate, in press.

Upcoming Events

Event City Country Dates
Summer School on Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Pune India
2016-06-27 to 2016-07-01
CFMIP/WCRP/ICTP Conference on Cloud Processes, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity Trieste Italy
2016-07-04 to 2016-07-07
Advanced School on Earth System Modelling Pune India
2016-07-18 to 2016-07-29
13th Annual Meeting - Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Beijing China
2016-07-31 to 2016-08-05
Workshop on Forecasting ENSO Impacts on Marine Ecosystems of the US West Coast San Diego USA
2016-08-10 to 2016-08-11
SCAR 2016 Open Science Conference Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
2016-08-20 to 2016-08-30
GEWEX Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling Meeting Boulder United States
2016-09-06 to 2016-09-08
CLIVAR Open Science Conference Qingdao China
2016-09-18 to 2016-09-25
Conference on Regional Sea-level Changes and Coastal Impacts New York USA
2017-07-10 to 2017-07-15