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Please consider contributing to the session on “The Earth’s energy imbalance and exchanges at the atmosphere-ocean interface: From fundamental research to societal concern,” part of the Our Common Future under Climate Change conference being held in Paris, France from 7-10 July 2015.

A sustainable global ocean observation system requires timely implementation of the framework for ocean observing. The Qingdao Global Ocean Summit held on 25-26, October, 2014 highlighted the need for a more coherent institutional response to maintain an integrated ocean-observing system.

Understanding what the seas give us is central to their future management. New website highlights an innovative approach to a sustainable future for our seas.

Each winter, sea ice expands to fill nearly the entire Arctic Ocean basin, reaching its maximum extent in March. Each summer, the ice pack shrinks, reaching its smallest extent in September.

Society is vulnerable to extreme weather events and, by extension, to human impacts on future events. Today a new study by researchers from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) was published in Nature Climate Change.